The entire permanent low Z audio wiring network is run in Canare double conductor, shielded, low noise balanced cabling. Every permanent cable is run either under the floated floor or in a dedicated low voltage raceway. All 72 low Z signal input sources (from female XLR jacks) are hard wired directly into the XLR patch bay from strategic locations throughout the facility. Just a single patch cable is required to access the processors in the racks or the digital interfaces via the XLR to the TT patch bays. This configuration assures the shortest cable runs and the least amount of connections for the cleanest signal path.


There are 7 dedicated workstation racks located throughout the sound rooms. Each station is directly linked to the main patch bays as well as each other. Every station provides ample rack space for local processing, 2 direct high Z inputs to various sub mixers for live and playback monitoring, up to 6 DI inputs, 6 low Z inputs, 4 discrete head phone feeds and 5 isolated AC power outlets. Any signal source can be sent back to the workstations and any audio source may be monitored there as well. Each station also provides individual lighting and countertop workspace.



Audio sound sources of any kind, including direct communication, can be sent from and monitored through any or all other playback systems or workstations. Monitor speakers and headphone jacks are located in the control room, main and remote isolation rooms, live room and visitors lounge. Wireless headset may receive and wireless mic may transmit audio to or from any location.



In addition to the 200Amp SRP power grid, the facility is equipped with a supplemental solar power generation system. This consists of over 1 megawatt of PV panels (stationary and tracking), battery storage and twin 2500watt inverters. All high voltage wiring is commercial grade THHN#12 solid copper conductor run in EMT, aluminum flex, steel junction boxes and dedicated high voltage metal raceways. The control room is supplied with 60 Amps of conditioned, surge protected and battery backed up power. The low voltage lighting grid is powered by remote transformers and backup power is provided for all automated doors. The studio can remain fully functional in the event of a total blackout of the SRP power grid for a specific amount of time based on the actual demand.



The interior color pallet, textures, finishes and Pyramid design themes are present throughout the facility. Recessed incandescent lamps and rope lights convey a warm “home like” atmosphere while exposed neon adds a “nightclub” component. At the apex of the Pyramid and in the main isolation room ceiling are the electronic skylight modules. With them we can create the illusion of daytime or nighttime without regard to the actual time of day. Here, days and nights can vary in length according to our own needs. Many different moods can be achieved with the various available lighting combinations. The intent of the entire space is to create a comfortable and relaxed working environment so as to promote both creativity and productivity.



The Pyramid itself is 1:32 scale model of the Great Pyramid, located in Egypt. It is the same size as the “missing capstone” and would, if placed atop the actual stone monument, complete the structure. Both Pyramids are aligned to the cardinal points of the compass. This design, though compelling in its own right, offers several architectural and mechanical advantages. Because of its 4 component triangular sides, the building is extremely strong and resistant to wind loading to the extent of a storm shelter. This shape uses far fewer square feet of material to cover the space below that does a cube or box. This reduction in surface area together with the exclusion of doors and windows in the Pyramid minimizes energy transfer through the walls which reduces heating or cooling demand, as well as sound entering or escaping the building. The subterranean (basement) configuration also helps to stabilize the temperature within the space. Finally, it is said that the space within a properly aligned, constructed and proportioned Pyramid has a positive effect on living things such as human beings. The science is available, but beyond the scope of this description. Suffice it to say, the Pyramid provides a uniquely enjoyable experience for all.



The entire facility is hard wired via coaxial wireless feeds, wireless hubs and Cat 5 cable for internet access anywhere in the facility. Hard wired and wireless telephone connections are also permanently installed. An internal telephone intercom system is also available. Most cell phones operate well within the space.



All main entry and passageway doors and gates are automated and controlled from remote locations. These are operated in conjunction with cameras and manual controllers. The entire walled perimeter is monitored with appropriate sensors. All systems, including silent alarms are powered by the battery backup circuits in the event of a power failure, or an attempt to gain entry by cutting the grid power.



Temperature control is achieved by the use of exhaust fans, evaporative cooling and/or refrigerated air conditioning. These systems are all installed in the remote mechanical room or outdoors away from the Pyramid. Sound dampened ductwork supplies each room separately for efficient and quiet operation. All low voltage transformers, power supplies and backup systems are located in the remote mechanical room to reduce heat and noise pollution in the studio. A reverse osmosis water treatment system and solar hot water loop are permanently installed. The stand alone sanitary waste treatment system operates independently from the other buildings on the property.